Your AGP events update for this week….

1) Brown Bag Lunch with Sara Saboonian

Topic: The relationship between Policy, Program and Implementation in the Sustainable Urban Water Management”

EV3 3301 on March 27th from 1:00-3:00pm

Please bring your lunches!

The emergence of the water crisis has forced cities in some areas of the world to rethink their approach to urban water. In order to create workable solutions that combine ?blue and green? strategies to make cities livable and sustainable, we should consider the approach of the integration of urban and natural systems. This combined approach allows us to move past the current unsustainable practices and insufficient preservation policies. I argue that one of the most effective ways to achieve this approach is by managing stormwater runoff in a sustainable manner.

Holistic sustainable stormwater management can be essentially seen in three major parts; creation of the ?Policy?, development of the appropriate ?Design response? and ensuring proper ?Implementation? to meet the policy goals. Currently, there are gaps and disconnects between these three parts. In other words, there are disagreements between the concerns of policy makers; planners; designers; developers; and the public. The question I will address is how to convince all of these stakeholders to give up the conventional relationships between policy, program, and design, and come up with creative and effective alternatives for better blue and green cities.

2) PSA Presents: The Ultimate Planning Showcase

Alumni Hall, St. Paul’s University College on on March 27th from 7:00-10:00pm

Calling all Planners, Friday March 27, PSA with AGP will be hosting a Planning Talent Showcase.We want you: the undergrads, the graduate students, staff and faculty that make up our great school to come out and support your friends and classmates by watching or even performing at the Ultimate Planning Showcase at St. Paul’s Alumni Hall from 7-10 pm. We want to bring the unbelievable talents of the School of Planning to the forefront and celebrate them with a night of spectacular performances. We can’t wait to see what’s in store!Tickets will be $2 for Planners and $4 for non-planners. These can be purchased through your year reps starting on Thursday March 19th. We will be supplying light refreshments and desserts during the showcase.

3) Charity Ball

Thank you to all who supported last nights Charity Ball!!! We collectively managed to raise over $2,000 for the Grand River Conservation Authority. The winners for the auction will be announced shortly, and pictures from the event will be posted on the EGSA and AGP Facebook pages.


Your AGP

This week’s featured image was taken by Richard Buchan. 

Description: Derek Rowe is a sculpture on Vancouver island and has been commissioned by several municipalities for public art installations. This particular installation is located in Langford BC’s Veterans Memorial Park and depicts a war Veteran sharing the story of the poppy with a Canadian youth. Since the 1980’s, public art has increasingly been promoted as a means of contributing to senses of place, civic identity, community needs, and the promotion of social change. In essence, public art and open space create social and physical aesthetic improvements. It creates a space where residents want to be a part of because it identifies their community. For Planners, attractive public art can be a tool to teach people about their community heritage and create more livable spaces. Fun fact – the model for the “Canadian Youth” happens to be one of the current Masters Students in Waterloo’s School of Planning. 

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