Your AGP events update for this week….

1) Brown Bag Lunch with Milton Friesen

Milton is hosting our first Brown Bag of the year! Join us on  March 20th 2015 from 1:00pm-3:00pm in EV3 3401.

Social Capital and Spatial Use Patterns: Potential  Correlations

Social capital is a significant common good resource that is necessary for community and city well-being. Understanding social capital, however, is far from simple as it includes a complex set of phenomena generated by human interactions involving trust, social networks, and larger social structures. Our empirical understanding of social capital dynamics is incomplete including consistent and cost effective social capital measurements at neighbourhood levels. Exploring and establishing correlations between more readily obtained data (example: spatial use via GPS) and social capital levels could provide a more efficient proxy for measuring social capital given the role that physical proximity plays in trust and social ties. Measuring social capital more easily and effectively over time would assist urban and social planners in understanding the mechanisms that impact a wide range of social issues related to human interactions in urban settings.

 2)  Charity Ball

Our annual Charity Ball will be held this Saturday March 14th, 2015 at the Tannery Event Center. This year we will be supporting the Grand River Conservation Authority. Looking forward to seeing everyone with their dancing shoes this Saturday night!

Your AGP

This week’s featured image was taken by Richard Buchan.


Place making features and focal points often have many layers associated with them. Take Victoria’s Downtown Harbour – this natural amenity acts as a transportation hub, tourist attraction, gathering place for student protests, focal point for street vendors/buskers, and also happens to be federally classified as a migratory bird sanctuary. Mere blocks away is an industrial shipping yard which now boasts DocksideGreen – a 15 acre urban development that has achieved LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification; while a minute bike ride can bring residents to Fishermans’ Wharf in the inner harbour that contains an eccentric village of houseboats and shops


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