Will, Kevin, Alex, Zach, Rahul, Jocelyn, and Jenn

Graduate profiles: Send out template: Rahul will be responsible,


AGP Apparel: waiting for lady to send (potential mugs, and patches) Waiting to hear back from Aaron (survey to see price) Setting up Survey this week.

OPPI conferenceStudent Liaison Committee Update: Action items:

March 1st (OPPI Scholarship Opportunity and Student Delegate Nominations due scholarship)

OPPI student delegate to represent study body, one can nominate themselves for election (MARCH 1st)

More information available at: http://ontarioplanners.ca/Become-an-RPP/Make-Planning-Your-Career


Every two months they send out a journal, we can submit if we choose to. Planning school issue, comes out in the summer. We can write up an article. Put up on the weekly update.


CAPS: possible funding for photo blog; MADD: get the projector and bring it; Will and Nav will do this on behalf of the AGP.

Photo Submissions for PHOTO BLOG send them out tonight;

CAPS is asking what is your transformation: We can send pictures with a caption; anybody who is going to CAPS can submit.

Accommodation Information (Book on your own!)
Super8 in Chinatown: 2 queen bed (4 persons, 3 nights) – Total: $439.07 | $36.60 per person per night
Canadiana Backpackers Inn (hostel): $32.00 per person per night

Charity Ball:

Roaring 20s/ Queens Streets Commons/ Funding sorted out.

Venue: must be selected (first week of March) Meeting again with EGSA on Friday (Charity Ball) = Will and Zach have contacted entertainment/

Venue is key right now; Contacting with the Queens Streets Commons/

BBL: 31st will not happen Clarence is busy, however, it can work whenever;

We could ask Clarence about the 30th? Thursday, in the event he cannot do that, we can plan a potluck if that doesn’t work

Rahul’s contact: FEB 28th before planning meeting;


Thursday Night will be AD-hoc:

Death Valleys Little Brother; Thursday night partay.

Pot-luck on hold;


Kevin and Jenn met with Shelley, = PRAGMA council;  looking for opportunities to improve student engagement at the eventStudent Presentations; April or May:

Graduation Reception: convocation; Any suggestions to improve the event; June 10th Tuesday;

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