Zach, Jenn, Alex, Julia, Julie, Kevin, Nav, Will

Brown Bag lunch: how to get professors to come, organize it in advance; Get Will to write a summary for the AGP website

Future BBL:

OPPI and PSA: presentation and outreach program; Brown Bag lunch or separate event; coordinate with PSA; potentially organize in the court yard. Potential date: mid to end of March; Make this a brown bag lunch;

Will is going to email Adam for BBL; coordinate with Rahul;

Photo Blog: Projector has been booked; hdmi cable; extension cords;

AGP apparel: Survey results: pending (inconclusive): Closing dates; next Friday Feb 14th, 2013;

Student Profiles; email straight to Rahul; links attached; Rahul

Poster boards: near the loud room, lets fill it up; Julia will look after poster boards; EV3 poster board; (adding content) (AGP should do this)

Potluck: let people know about the potluck; space arranged; Wednesday the 12th; everybody bring something; Kevin and Jenn will email faculty about potluck

Spread the world

Bring Beverages Nav;

Charity Ball: March 6th 8:00 PM

Venue booked;

sub committees

Andrea; photography;

Draft proposals: GESEF and WESEF; Rahul will look at it;

Silent Auction: coordinator: Jenn Helpers: Will and Alex

Decorations: Gold brown and Red (coordinator: Julia, Alex, Julie)

Food: Jenn and Zach; (appetisers)

Entertainment: Cat hoppers, will Will contact; No DJ; IPOD playlist; everybody contribute;

Tickets: each AGP member will sell 125 MAX.

Spreadsheet for tickets; google docs. Get some information (guests, program of guest and number sold by the AGP ticket seller)

Start Selling 3 weeks before the event: Starting ticket sales on Monday 10th;

FACEBOOK EVENT: Jocelyn promote this;

Receipts:  Send them all to Julie; is there a drafted agreement;

OPPI: Student engagement:

When did you first learn about planning; when did you choose to pursue a formal education in planning?

Build Breakfast: 8 am, March 6th: share with the other grads;  send it out through the grad list

Alumni List? Ask Nicole or Steve;

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