Dr. Mazda Kompanizare, Ph.D.

Research Associate, Hydrometeorology Lab, University of Waterloo

MazdaMazda holds a Ph.D. in Hydrogeology from Shiraz University, Iran, under the supervision of Dr. Nowzar Samani. He is currently working on Hydrological connectivity of surface layers in some selected watersheds in northern Alberta. He is simulating the surface and groundwater flows and their interactions to determine how dry or wet scenarios of climate change can affect the hydrologic connectivity in those watersheds. He is working with GSFLOW for simulation of surface and groundwater flows and OSTRICH for multi-objective (MO) calibration of the model and post processing analysis.

He was lecturer at Bushehr University, Iran (1992-1995), assistant professor at Shiraz University ( 2004-2011), visiting scholar in Texas A and M University (2003) and visiting researcher in University of Waterloo (2011-2015). His previous work at the University of Waterloo Mazda was focused on the simulation of groundwater flow in variably saturated layers around an open pit mine in North of Ontario under supervision of Dr. Jonathan Price.  In this project he predicted the effect of mine dewatering on temporal and spatial changes in percolation rate through overburden layers and peat layers. He used HYDRUS3D for simulation of flow and UCODE for calibration of his model.