Dr. Laura Chasmer, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Fellow, Hydrometeorology Lab, University of Waterloo


Laura received her Ph.D. from Queen’s University under the supervision of Drs. Paul Trites and Harry McCaughey. Currently,Laura is working on a number of studies at the Utikuma Regional Study Area in Northern Alberta, and is also assisting students with remote sensing data analysis and ecological studies south of Fort McMurray. Her research involves using a flux footprint model of atmospheric turbulence (in collaboration with Dr. Natascha Kljun, Swansea University) to better understand how topographic variability and vegetation structural characteristics affect greenhouse gas fluxes (CO2 and H2O) and friction velocity within heterogeneous ecosystems. The footprint methodology quantifies the influence of ecosystem heterogeneity on flux residuals, allowing us to determine the flux origin or the source/sink area over a given period of time. This provides an improved method to constrain ecophysiological and land surface data used to validate models of greenhouse gas fluxes (e.g. gross primary productivity) (e.g. research by Sutherland et al., Petrone et al.). Laura is currently examining the influence of three-dimensional vegetation structure on stomatal conductance and vegetation growth within regenerating shade tolerant and intolerant species, among numerous other studies with students and Dr. Petrone.

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