Dr. Janina Plach, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo

Janina Field

Janina recently received her Ph.D. from McMaster University. Her research will investigate the seasonal biogeochemical cycling of dissolved carbon and nitrogen in forest-peatland-pond ecosystems through groundwater-surface water interactions within the Western Boreal Forest (WBF) of Alberta.  Specifically Janina’s work will examine the impacts of shifting catchment hydrology on water chemistry in response to natural and anthropogenic disturbances, such as drought, logging, oil sands operations, forest fires etc, over the past two decades.  The outcome of this study will facilitate efforts to model the hydro-climactic controls on biogeochemical cycling across these intrinsically connected aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems which is essential to guide policy development for improved land use management in the WBR region.




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