Carbon-Nutrient Cycling in Multiple Landuse Agricultural Basins

The objectives of this research are: (1) Studying basin scale evapotranspiration in the establishment of an antecedent hydrologic index to predict the export of nutrients, (2) Spatial variability in trace gas exchange, and (3) the effects of nutrient loading on the productivity of riparian zone wetlands. Instrumenting catchments of differing degrees of agricultural activity and urbanization is also permitting the examination of basin scale movements of nutrients, contaminants and water to allow the refinement of our predictive capacity for the effects of these impacts on water quantity and quality. Done within the framework of the Southern Ontario Watershed Consortium, and in collaboration with Dr. M.C. English (Wilfrid Laurier University), Dr. S. Schiff (University of Waterloo), Dr. D. Rudolph (University of Waterloo), Dr. C. Mitchell (University of Toronto) and Dr. M. Macrae (University of Waterloo).

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