Commuting to work Fortress Mountain alpine research site One of the Fortress Mountain alpine research sites Fortress Mountain alpine research site Buffalo in the boreal plains  Janina organizing her equipment to sample lake sediments One of many scenic northern Alberta lakes Corey and Vito enjoying a sunny winter day at the saline reference fen Heading to camp after a day of field work in northern Alberta Pond-peatland-upland landscape in the western boreal plains Burned peatland research site, northern Alberta Header Windows screensaver, or agricultural research site in southern Ontario? Pond-riparian-peatland complex in northern Alberta Peatland landscape in the discontinous permafrost region of the boreal-subarctic transition zone George setting up an eddy covariance system at a reference site near Fort McMurray Sun setting at camp in northern Alberta Corey putting the finishing touches on an off-grid power setup in Southern Ontario Setting up a hydro-meteorologic station near Fort McMurray Assessing the ecosystem response to road removal in Northern Alberta.

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