Ecohydrology in Temperate Multiple Landuse Catchments

Much of this research involves hydro-climatic and geomorphic factors, crop choices and land management practices influences on water availability, use and quality in a Pan-Canadian context with the goal of improving current and future agricultural water sustainability. Research in this area in the Hydrometeorology Research Group will focus on Southern Ontario watersheds using a combination of field-based research, data-mining, and hydro-climatic modelling efforts. Done in collaboration with Dr. D. Rudolph (University of Waterloo), Dr. M. Macrae (University of Waterloo). This research will be done under the Southern Ontario Watershed Consortium and Global Water Futures programs and will involve examining these processes as governed by the influence of urbanization and landuse change.


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MSc students are currently being sought to to begin research in 2018: (1) studying basin-scale evapotranspiration in the establishment of an antecedent hydrologic index to predict the export of nutrients, (2) the effects of management practices, soil conditions and climate on crop water use efficiency, and (3) identify linkages between changing agricultural practices, regional hydrology and changing weather. Interested students should have a undergraduate background in climatology or hydrology, and biogeochemistry.