Ecohydrology in Temperate Multiple Landuse Catchments

Much of this research involves: (1) studying basin-scale evapotranspiration in the establishment of an antecedent hydrologic index to predict the export of nutrients, (2) spatial variability in trace gas exchange, and (3) the effects of nutrient loading on the productivity of riparian zone wetlands. Done in collaboration with Dr. M.C. English (Wilfrid Laurier University), Dr. D. Rudolph (University of Waterloo), Dr. M. Macrae (University of Waterloo) and Dr. C. Mitchell (University of Toronto). This research will be done under the Southern Ontario Watershed Consortium and will involve examining these processes as governed by the influence of urbanization and landuse change.


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I am currently seeking MSc students to investigate the role of antecedent hydrologic conditions and upslope landuse practices on riparian zone trace gas exchange processes as part of the Southern Ontario Watershed Consortium. I am also looking for a PhD student to examine the scaling of hydrologic and trace gas flux point measurement to the local and regional scales. Interested students should have a undergraduate background in climatology or hydrology, and biogeochemistry.