Alpine Watershed Hydrometeorology

Research in the Kananaskis region of Alberta, in the Marmot Creek watershed will focus on understanding the importance of forest ecohydrological processes to mountain stream generation. Specifically, the micrometeorological and boundary-layer influences on evapotranspiration.

MSc Projects

Alpine research siteBeginning in 2016 several MSc projects will focus on the controls of aspect/shading and advection on the partitioning of canopy evapotranspiration. Individual components will require addressing questions including: 1) partitioning the evapotranspiration flux into over and understory components; 2) the effects of forest edges on on evapotranspiration and snow melt; 3) the hydrological role of forest clearings and the sheltering effects of the surrounding forest; 4) altitudinal gradients in water use efficiency; 5) Seasonality in conifer transpiration; and 6) the response of alpine forest hydrometeorological conditions to larger scale climatic features such as Chinook winds.