Student Opportunities

Graduate Student & Employment Opportunities in Ecohydrology & Hydrometeorology Research

My primary research interest is to develop a further understanding of soil – vegetation – atmosphere interactions, especially as influenced by hydrologic conditions. Specific questions of interest to me include evapotranspiration and trace gas exchange in wetland systems, interactions between vegetation and hydrology and climate (weather), the impacts of ground ice (seasonal ice and permafrost) and modeling the impacts of climatic and land-use stresses on these linkages. The primary focus of this research is to examine the hydroclimatological linkages between cold region (Boreal and Subarctic) wetlands and ponds and their surrounding upland/mineral areas and the resulting impacts on the regional carbon balance. Special emphasis is placed on quantifying the impacts of disturbance in the surrounding landscape on these wetlands (i.e. agriculture, petroleum development, forestry, drought and succession) on water and biogeochemical cycling and carbon storage in the wetland complexes. My present research focuses on catchment hydrological processes and their influence on wetland permanence and biogeochemical functioning in stressed northern ecosystems (Western Boreal Forest (Slave Lake, Red Earth Creek, Fort McMurray and Anzac, Alberta), subarctic wetlands and tundra (Churchill, Manitoba; Polar Bear Provincial Park, Ontario) and alpine watersheds (Marmot Creek, Kananaskis, Alberta); antecedent hydrological and larger scale climatological controls on hydrological processes and trace gas fluxes from agricultural fields (Strawberry Creek and Hopewell Creek, Ontario). All of this research involves combining theoretical, laboratory and fieldwork examining micrometeorological, hydrological and trace gas exchange in heterogeneous vegetated systems.

I am actively looking to recruit students in any of the following areas. All positions will be fully funded.

Alpine Watershed Hydrometeorology

Synoptic Climatology and Surface Interactions

Oil Sands Reclamation of Functioning Wetland Ecosystems: Construction and Assessment

Hydrology, Ecology and Disturbance in the Western Boreal Forest

Ecohydrology in Temperate Multiple Landuse Catchments

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