Suburbanisms Conference: A Suburban Revolution?

Atlas lead Markus Moos and affiliate Pablo Mendez will be presenting at the first Global Suburbanisms conference at York University, Sept 26-29 2013

SUBURBAN CONSTELLATIONS: Governance, Land and Infrastructure in the 21st Century

A new book edited by Roger Keil of the Global Suburbanisms project, entitled “SUBURBAN CONSTELLATIONS: Governance, Land and Infrastructure in the 21st Century” features a chapter by Markus Moos and Pablo Mendez

A sprawled Waterloo Region? Considering an alternate view

Atlas lead Markus Moos comments on the arguments against suburban sprawl in light of regional planning decisions

Mapping the Dimensions of Suburbanisms

Pablo Mendez (UBC) offers an analytical writeup to accompany the most recent contribution to the Atlas data: a series of 69 maps covering 23 cities visualizing 3 sets of socioeconomic data themes. The result: a compelling set of data-rich maps showing interesting and surprising patterns of suburbanism across Canada.

School of Planning | University of Waterloo

Faculty of Environment | University of Waterloo

This research was supported by SSHRC through funding from the MCRI Global suburbansims: governance, land, and infrastructure in the 21st century (2010-2017)