Markus Moos on WNPR: Atlas of Suburbanisms featured on Where We Live “Suburbs 4.0”

Conneticut public radio calls on Markus Moos and the Atlas of Suburbanisms as part of a radio segment on the changing nature of the suburbs

Atlas Launch @ CAG 2012

The Atlas of Suburbanisms officially launched to a full house at a lunch time session as part of the 2012 CAG Annual Meeting. Read more to see photos of the session and tweets about the launch.

Atlas of Suburbanisms: Introduction

Welcome to the Atlas of Suburbanisms

Welcome to the Atlas of Suburbanisms! For an introductory video explaining the project, see the YouTube presentation by Markus Moos, then head on over to the main introductory page to see what the Atlas of Suburbanisms is all about.

School of Planning | University of Waterloo

Faculty of Environment | University of Waterloo

This research was supported by SSHRC through funding from the MCRI Global suburbansims: governance, land, and infrastructure in the 21st century (2010-2017)